As per latest science news, five planets of solar system- Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be seen together in naked eyes in the sky.

These five planets in a single night will give a treat to sky-watchers as get together in the winter sky.

When all five will be seen in one go, a lot of shining surrounded in the entire sky. The phenomenon is estimated to take place between February 22 and 24.

Venus and the moon will be seen together around February 23 to 24. The five planets will be seen between 7 pm and 1 am during this period.

Venus is the first star to come out after sunset; till 9 pm towards the west and Jupiter can be seen above Venus till 11 pm.

Mars can be seen in the east with the naked eye. Saturn is the least conspicuous of the visible planets.

We can see the beautiful pairing of the waning gibbous moon with Saturn and Spica at late night.

Mercury, the innermost planet of the solar system, will be visible in west in the evening during the last week of February.

Arvind Paranjpye, director, Nehru Planetarium, Pune, said, “February is shaping up to be an excellent month for those who like to gaze at the night sky, especially for those who like to look at our closest neighbours in the universe, the planets.”

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