Indian armed forces with its strategic turnout is in a way to conducting a rarely strongest mock war drills with its big enemy Pakistan to the border.

As per official report, 20,000 Shoorveer or Brave Warrior, along with 200 Russian-made tanks are due to begin in the deserts of Rajasthan next month.

Earlier last year, there was a peace talk resumed with Islamabad in New Delhi with cross visits by officials to both countries following matter of attack in Mumbai in 2008 by gunmen India says came from Pakistan. The assault left 166 people dead.

But this one of the largest mock war drill conducted by Indian military would proved to be a outcome of not taking effective steps over the issue as showing itself a nuclear-armed state.

However this war drill will be exercised close to the country’s border with nuclear-armed rival and for that tanks, frontline combat vehicles, artillery, helicopters, fighter jets, drones, air-defence weapons and military radars would be bring up.

An army spokesman colonel Jagdeep Dahiya said, “The exercise will be one of the largest manoeuvres conducted so far.”

Rejecting fears the exercise, source said, this would be conducted by an elite military corps raised only for cross-border assault- would crank up tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad.

And now the event would be held at less than 200 kilometres from the same highly militarised border where three wars since independence from British rule in 1947 has fought with Pakistan.

Informing the schedule of event that would be held on end in May, the colonel said, “We do inform Pakistan in advance whenever such large-scale exercises are conducted by us.”