India joins UNHRC, votes against Sri Lanka

With 24 votes in favour, The UN Human Rights approved a US-led resolution on Thursday forcing Sri Lanka to conduct ” crime investigation”, claiming of war crime voilence during the credibly war against Tamil Tiger in 2009.

In the 47-member UN Human Rights Council, 15 states voted against the resolution, including China, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

These nation backed Sri Lanka voted against the UN-led resolutionat the UNHRC on alleged war crimes in the conflict with LTTE.

As per them, it was against any country urging others in the name of rights violations. Sri Lanka should be given time to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).

India voted in favour of US-led move, having pressure from home parties like the DMK and AIADMK that asked to vote against Sri Lanka. A massive opposed reaction held by Sri Lankan MPs on Thursday being campaiged outside Union house while thousands of supporters rallied in Sri Lanka during proceeding of testing US-backed resolution made in Geneva to vote for a new probe into the island’s civil war.

However, protesters and government said, such India’s decision over the issue may harm Island neghbour relations, damaging post-war ethnic reconciliation between Sinhalese and Tamil communities.

Western led State said that Colombo had been given three years to hold its own crime probs into allegations of LTTE, but lacking the move the 47-member state council decided this resolution to do so.

As per resolution, the government to explain how it would address the alleged violations of international humanitarian laws and how it would implement the recommendations of the LLRC. The UN Rights body would offer Sri Lanka advice and assistance that should be in consultation with the Sri Lankan government.

While asking about its move to vote for the resolution, India called it its first most responsibility for promotion and protection of human rights. It said, “These are norms which all of us in the Council subscribe to. A democratic country like Sri Lanka has to be provided time and space to achieve the objectives of reconciliation and peace.”