Junior doctor refuses emergency services in

The junior doctors of Hydrabaad restarted the strike in form of boycott of duties including emergency services in all the state-run hospitals on Friday.

And after that the Healthcare services were disturbed across the state and due to lacking of services at least 17 patients, including five new-born babies died.

As per report, around 2,800 medicos have brought to strike and the poor patients who went to hospital for emergency failed to get the treatment.

The medicos had gone on strike by boycotting duties on 15 January this year, but this time the situation turned serious because now they decided to stay away from emergency services too. No alternative arrangements were made by the govt. while the medicos served the strike notice in the morning.

Responding the death toll to on going doctor’s strike, the Hospital authorities said, “The death rate at these hospitals ranges between 10 and 12 every day. And we are leaving no stone unturned in providing medical services to patients due to disruption of any services in view of the strike at emergency and casualty wings.”

Although the Government claimed that adequate measures were taken for ensuring medical aid, but there was only one senior doctor on duty in the emergency department at Gandhi Hospita and Osmania General Hospital to assist patients.

The strike against govt. is strongly affected only poor patients who are not able to go for treatment in private hospital. Poor patients have been suffering a lot as lack of medical aid in the govt. hospitals .Many patients have been shifted to the other hospitals under serious conditions.

The patients who needed emergency services are not being attended by the limited available staff at the hospital due to overburdened by services.

Moreover Police force has been activated on Govt. hospitals to handle any untoward incidents by the angry patients.

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