France set in horror of killing three children and their teacher at a Jewish school in Toulouse with spinner attacks.

The disastrous shooting killed Jonathan Sandler, a teacher at the school along with his two sons aged of 3 and 6, and an 8-year-old daughter of the head teacher. One fifth person, a 17-year-old boy was also injured during this horrible incident.

Source said, fatal crime attempted by a spinner on a black Yamaha motorcycle, shooting while parents were dropping off their children at the school Monday morning at an area the drop-off point for the school’s nursery- and primary-age children.

A massive troop has been in search to find the spinner who had escaped after acted his fatal crime and spread horror in hearts of France people.

As per claim by French police “The attacker is military, given his modus operandi, his way of moving and his use of his weapon”, search of three former French soldiers have been forwarding without knowing whether attacker is active militant or not.

These are the soldiers whom French govt. left out in 2008 over alleged neo-Nazi ties, seems to be connected, targeting France’s Jewish and North African communities via this fatal shooting.

Another clue identifies that the gun used in the attack is the same by that three French soldiers were killed in North African descent in two separate incidents in the area last week.

Source said People has claimed French President Nicolas Sarkozy for his recent declaration that “there are too many foreigners” in France, an attempt to take votes away from Le Pen, his rival competitor in French presidential elections that scheduled for late April.

However Investigation is carried on and a manhunt is trying to find the spinner. All the presidential leaders delayed their campaigns to alert the state for terrorism attacks.

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