Pranab to resign as FM among economic crisis today

The present Union Finance Minister of India and UPA‘s presidential nominee Pranab Mukherjee is now ready to resign from his post in the second half of the day, but now the question is that who will replace him the government and party?

Meanwhile, the economic situation of the country is overcastting and there’s a policy paralysis. The foreign investment is also not at its high and a liberal, pro-reforms, corporate friendly finance minister is needed.

Some sources said that party wants Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take on the Finance Minister’s chair and present the next budget. Further, Manmohan Singh will appoint more secretaries and presents the next budget.

P Chidambaram is close to the Prime Minister but sue to some allegation on Chidambaram, he will be kept out of it.

The UPA’s problem is that who will be the next the leader of the Lok Sabha?

For the preparation of 2014 elections, political tie-ups are required and the negotiating skills of Pranab to reach out to opponents to get important bills passed.

Meanwhile, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Jaipal Reddy could be the leader of Lok Sabha, but Shinde is facing the Adarsh scam and Reddy is not serious about the post.

And while Pranab Mukherjee is smiling his way to Rashtrapati Bhawan, his party has reason to frown.