Tsunami waves hit Hawaii following Canadian Quake

As per Pacific Tsunami Warning Center geologist Gerard Fryer, the first largest but smaller than expected the tsunami waves rocked shores in Maui, Hawaii.

The waves which are enough at 3 foot to flood two blocks in from shore are measured at 5 feet in the first 45 minutes.

Reports said that water was quickly receding in bays, including Hilo Bay on the Big Island and a warning has been alarmed to all people being residented near areas to go to higher grounds for their safety.

However, earlier there were no indications of tsunami, but after a powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Canada and a strong warning issued to southern Alaska and western Canada, the officials immediately issued an advisory to the under nged area.

No causalities and any damage report have been informed. The quake described as a little hit, not a big tsunami unnecessary to worry.

“This isn’t that big of an earthquake on tsunami scales. The really big tsunamis are usually up in the high 8s and 9s,” Lucy Jones, a USGS seismologist said, as per source.

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