As per top stories, the Union cabinet has yesterday sanctioned important recommendations by a parliamentary panel to make divorce rules much easier for those couples who are not happy with their married life.

The new bill is women-friendly bill.

Further, it is said in reports that the Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, sanctioned by the union cabinet on Friday, will support women with a share of their husband’s property if they want to take divorce.

The new bill also reveals that it helps to seek to give adopted children the same rights as those of biological children.

Earlier, the bill was brought-out in Rajya Sabha in August 2010, and further referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Justice.

The union committee favored the bill, which help to make “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” a new ground for grant of divorce, however denied away with the existing waiting period before moving a joint motion for annulling marriage.

To some extent long-suffering the recommendation, the central govt left the decision of waiving off the cooling-off period for the courts.

As per the redrafted bill sanctioned by the union cabinet in the parliament, adopted children will have rights on equality with the biological offsprings of a couple, if the parents want to get divorce.

Further, the central government has announced that the new bill state that women should have a share in the property of her husband if divorce case is filled in the court, while the quantum of division would be finalized by the courts.

On the other hand, a wife can appeal a husband’s application for divorce as per the new “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” clause, while the husband will have no such right if the wife appeals in the court regarding divorce.

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