Orissa Governement is ready to ground for negotiations before Maoists in Orissa’s Kandhamal district who abducted two Italian tourists from the Kandhmal-Ganjam border on Saturday as being held hostage.

One kidnapped man is Boscusco Paolo who runs a travel agency in Puri that takes foreign tourists on tribal tours while other, Clandio Colangilo, is a tourist.

Kidnapping has been placing from 14 March, as per one local tourist, Santosh Maharana who has been released on Sunday, was kidnapped along with the Italian men.

He expressed positive behavior inside of Maoists who took them to a forest after abducted where they had to spend three days with well treat and good food.

Saturday night, a source of media received an audio message that show the Maoists say, “We have arrested two Italian tourists who like hundreds of foreign tourists … treat the local people as monkeys and objects of ridicule. This is against humanity and we want the people at large to rise against this.”

They took responsibility of being abducted the duo Italian tourist in charge of taking objectionable pictures of tribal women.

Real reason behind this of angry Maoists is of demanding from the Orissa govt. to keep their promises on the 13-point charter as an immediate halt to combing operations Greenhunt by releasing three people from jail – Gananath Patra, Sabyasachi’s wife Subhashree Panda and Ashutosh Soren.

“Yes” is given by the state government to negotiate with Maoists in form of talks within the ambit of law and in return of this Maoists will not allow to appoint mediators this time.

The decision of releasing prisoners that is cause of happen this unfortunate incident has come out after being pressured by Italian media along with Italian diplomat.