The biggest relief of Amitabh Bachchan fans is that the actor is now improving and doctors have said to media today morning that no more surgery is required.

The declaration was made by the doctors at the Seven Hills Hospital on Friday.

An official from the hospital said, “The surgery was supposed to happen but after the check up, doctors decided there is no need of any surgery. He is doing fine.”

Meanwhile, the superstar had already faced two abdominal surgeries Saturday. Earlier, Amitabh also felt some pain in his stomatch, due to which his stay in the hospital was extended.

Though, on Thursday night, the actor posted on his blog that more doctors have been called for consultation over his health condition as well as that a slit on the neck was made — representing grave health concerns. But all seems under control now.

The actor decided to keep his health condition private, including the complete Bachchan family plus the hospital authorities have been asked to remain tigh-tlipped about it.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, “I refrain from giving greater details of my condition… in the west patient has the right to not disclose – even to family!! I realise anxious members of EF and TwFmXt need to know…whenever there is some important procedure, will inform.”

Till now, there is no further information about the actor’s health, whose frequent abdominal condition is a result of an injury on the sets of “Coolie” 30 years ago.