No Red Ribbon express in Delhi on AIDS Day

The Red Ribbon Express which distributes awareness regarding HIV/AIDS had been passed away from the capital on World AIDS Day.

It was Thursday, but the NACO had missed it while on other hand Breek Obama seeks global effort to defeat AIDS.

“The organization has been busy with projects”, this statement is given by Officials in the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO)

While escaping itself from its mistake, an official from NACO told IANS
“This year, everybody was busy with projects and preparations in various parts of the country. We could not plan a timely arrival for the Red Ribbon train,”

This train is facilitated with experienced doctors, testing, counseling and treatment services. It passes around the world , by covering atleast 150 stations and nearly 80 lakh people for providing information regarding protection from HIV/AIDS, a disease that taken in its sage around 3 million people. The Beginning of this train was from 1st Dec. 2008. Read More

Special AIDS awareness campaign in Colleges and offices

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, all the AIDS Societies are launching a special awareness drive in colleges and offices.

Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society (RSACS) will launch a drive in which 6,000 Jaipur’s college students, the members of the Red Ribbon Clubs (RRCs), have been distributed awareness material in government and semi-government offices.

NCC cadets and Members of RRCs will play a vital role to distribute red ribbons and wrist bands to create awareness on HIV/AIDS & its allied issues.

The Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society (KSAPS) also to open 18 more link ART centres across the state for people who are facing with human immunodeficiency virus HIV ,which help to ensure better access to Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART). Read More

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