BMW rolls-out 20,000th car from Sriperumbudur plant

For Indian richer, there is good news that the new 20,000th car of BMW has launched Sriperumbudur where its manufacturing facility situated.

In fact, BMW who is the parent company of most famous Rolls-Royce Motor Cars started its line in 1917. It is invention of Germany, and known as German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company.

From March 2007, Germany luxury car manufacture launched its business in India by setting up its plant at Sriperumbudur.

According to the company’s report, Juergen Eder who is the company’s Managing Director launched the 20,000th car from the assembly line.

In a report, their initial investment at that time was around Rs 110 crore.

After that , liking of BMW and its because of its huge demand, the global automakers had thought about its 10000th unit which dealt with production of BMW 3 Series and 5 Series sedans in petrol and diesel variants in Nov. 2010.

Around 13 country of nation, there are 24 plants of BMW are situated and the scope of sale department is of at least 140 countries.

However, the company mentioned it in its report, “The German car manufacturer employees over 96,000 people.”

Apart of it, each production facilities of BMW has manufactured 5,400 units per year and provided employment to about 400 people.

In India at Mumbai, there is a spare parts warehouse unit of such company.

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