According to the most desirable and always in wants Luxury carmaker BMW, the company has recalled its 1.3 million vehicle globally. The reason behind this is for ensuring a safety concern.

So far around last time period, BMW is facing the bad experience of safety concern that its car models are deficient due to faulty battery cable cover.

A Spokesman of BMW informed that these deficiencies in cars should be serviced through authorized BMW dealerships.

However, he said they would be informing all service dealerships to alert owners globally for safety precautions and take their cars in showroom for further service.

According to luxury car maker, all models of previous scenario like 5-Series and 6-Series are recall by firm because of reinforced them over the complaints that the car can catch fire.

But there are no accidents or injuries have occurred because of the issue, as per the statement of BMW. “We haven’t any reports of problems and I guess this could be seen as being overly-cautious but this is the best approach,” source said.

Admitting the reinforced car may create problems to start, or at worse, catch fire, BMW is seeking to try their best to identify their owners, and thereby the defects in the models could be removed.

For this, BMW suggested, a letter will send to Owners asked to visit a BMW dealer for 30-minute a free repair session.