The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) deals bad allegations indirectly that it was behind the leakage of the 110-page draft report of the coal ministry’s decision to approved 155 coal acreages without bidding for allocation of coal blocks between 2006 and 2009 that led to lose of Rs 10.67 lakh crore “revenues” to private and public firms.

Clarifying the denial report called “preliminary observations” that refused to be as per an initial draft, the CAG wrote a letter to the Prime Minister saying,” In the extant case the details being brought out were observations which are under discussion at a very preliminary stage and do not even constitute our pre-final draft and hence are exceedingly misleading…”

It said, the news report was “exceedingly misleading” and calling for investigation to know the source of the leak.

On basis of a “draft CAG report” of March 22 that leaked to media has created a massive storm in both houses of Parliament and as resulted they adjourned on Thursday.

Pranab Mukherjee, Union Finance Minister of the country, said, “The details being brought out were observation which are under discussion at a very preliminary stage…and do not even constitute…our pre-final draft and hence exceedingly misleading.”

During quelling political storm, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “The CAG has clarified there is no report on coal on allotment of coal blocks. What is there to clarify in Parliament?”

To cool down the political crisis that created by opposition party members, the Prime Minister’s Office released in media the letter of CAG. But it refused to release full three paged CAG’s letter earlier and only one paragraph from letter was likely to release.

Later TOI accessed a copy of the original entire text of the CAG’s letter to the PM that is about 90% related with issue of news leaks.

Getting right time to attack on BJP, UPA government took Political battle over the issue of alleged scam in the coal sector. They said a news report is fake because still the CAG Report is under creation.

Talking about the auction, an official of coal ministry said, “We are preparing a list of coal blocks that have been auctioned during the NDA tenure. The first come first get policy has been there since 1993. We will take up the issue in Parliament.”

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