India-Pakistan exchange N-facilities list

Under the Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations, the list of nuclear installations and facilities exchanged between India and Pakistan on Sunday.

This action has been made by both countries under the two-decade pact through diplomatic channels.

While the agreement was signed in 1988, it came under force three years later. According to this two-decade pact, India and Pakistan inform each other of nuclear installations and facilities on the first of January of every calendar year that entered into the pact.

From 1 January, 1992, this was the 21st consecutive exchange of such lists between the two countries.

A meeting had been held between both country in Islamabad on December 26 and 27, 2011 at which India pressed Pakistan to enunciate its nuclear doctrine and asked it to join global efforts for concluding the Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty.

A source report said Pakistan tried to growing its global concern with its nuclear arsenal. But India did not support much interest for Pakistan’s proposal for bilateral cooperation on nuclear safety and peaceful uses of nuclear energy, both countries firstly needed to establish trust between them.

After passing one week from two-day expert-level meeting on conventional and nuclear Confidence Building Measures, now both countries decided to exchange of lists.

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