Maoists treated two kidnapped Italians very friendly and both were in good health, reportedly said a Maoist mediator. After confirmation given by Mediator, debate on Orissa crisis started yesterday to enlighten all 13 demands of the ultras.

B D Sharma, former bureaucrat and social activist and Dandapani Mohanty, civil rights activist participated as one of the nominees of the Maoists Mediators to carry on talks with govt. on behalf of the rebels.

Dandapani, in first debate round, confirmed two Italians, tour operator Paolo Bosusco and tourist Claudio Colangelo, who were abducted on March 14 from Kandhamal district, were in good health.

He said, “All 13 demands made by the abductors of two Italians were discussed threadbare as the three government negotiators showed a positive approach during talks.”

While asking about duo Italians releasing, Mediators said, “A clear picture will emerge when we resume the talks tomorrow (Friday).” after negotiation when it was likelt to ensure something positive. Amongst 13 demands of the ultras to release, name of Subhashree Das, wife of top Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda, and Gananath Patra were also enlisted.

Two Mediators said that major actions would be taken to bring Narayan Sanyal, Amit Bagchi and Kobad Gandhi, lodged in jails at Giridih, Vishakhapatanam and Tihar to Bhubaneswar and then negotiation has to scan.

Representatives of the state government Home Secretary U N Behera, Panchayatiraj secretary P K Jena and ST & SC Secretary S K Sarangi are seem to convey their views on this on today.

Moreover, the state govt. is under huge pressure either from Italian side or from Maoists Mediators. Italian Ambassador Giacomo Sanfelici di Monteforte repeatedly asked Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to take quick decision about concern for the two hostages as their anxiety and distress the families are demanded to release them immediate.

Maoists did not want to delay in debate and for further negotiation or monitoring they ready to nominat a third mediator if they found it necessary.

reseller hosting banner 4 5 Italian Tourist Kidnap Case: Talks start with Maoists, tourists are in good health Italian Tourist Kidnap Case: Talks start with Maoists, tourists are in good health