Rupee drops 36 paise against UD dollar

indian rupee 300x192 Rupee drops 36 paise against UD dollarAs per the latest business news, the Indian currency further drops 36 paise against the UD dollar and reached the mark of Rs 53.06 per US dollar in early trade Monday.

Further, the fall is considered after the quick gains recorded by the American currency against other peers overseas among the fewer opening in the local equity market.

On the other hand, the Indian currency has recorded a sudden gain of 94 paise to close at Rs 52.70/71 as compared to the US dollar in the earlier session on fresh selling of the United States currency after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) took steps to slowndown the fall of the Indian currency. Read More

Rupee slips15 paise against US dollar in early trade

Indian rupee down 300x186 Rupee slips15 paise against US dollar in early tradeAs per the latest reports from Business, the Indian rupee has reported a decline of around 15 paise to Rs 52.17 per US dollar in early trade on the Interbank Foreign Exchange today in the middle of growing demand for the American currency from importers.

Additionally, there was pressure on the Indian rupee due to a weak opening in the equity market.

While talking to media, a dealer said, “Month-end dollar demand from importers and a lower opening in the equity market mainly weighed on the rupee sentiment.”

The rupee had lost 7 paise to close at Rs 52.02/03 against the US Dollar in yesterday’s trade on weakness in domestic stocks among fresh dollar requirement from importers. Read More

Indian Rupee gains by 35 paisa against US dollar

rupee recovers Indian Rupee gains by 35 paisa against US dollarAccording to the fresh news, the Indian rupee has raised by 35 paisa at Rs.51.90 per US dollar in the early hour’s trade on Monday morning on new selling of the American currency by banks and exporters prejudiced by dollar falling in a foreign country markets in the middle of a rally in household equities.

However, the rupee resume higher at Rs.52.06/07 per dollar on the Interbank Foreign Exchange, as not in favor of last weekend’s close of 52.25/26 per dollar, and encouraged up added to Rs. 51.90 per dollar before quoting at Rs. 52.08/09 per dollar at 1030 hours.

The home currency stirred in a collection between Rs. 51.90 and Rs. 52.13 per dollar at some point in break of day deals.

While talking to media, an expert from Forex department said, “Banks and exporters favored to trim down their dollar positions in view of dollar weak spot in Asian markets.” Read More

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