Around 13 people killed, as tornadoes hit US

Published on March 3, 2012 by in World

A deadly and more tremendous funnel clouds thundered on five states and recent death report of eight people added in the list of more than two dozen tornadoes that came under the wave of storms across the central United States.

Such massive disastrous storms come after a series of twisters killed 13 people in the US earlier this week, damaging homes, smashing schools and businesses and tossing the cars, trucks and trees like candy.

As per report, 51 tornadoes, violently wind storms swept in seven states by Friday afternoon and it is expected that more could be on their way.

The toll of death is bringing to 103, not yet confirmed. Three deaths were reported in neighboring Jefferson County and four more were of Holton, Indiana. Six injuries were reported after 100 homes were damaged in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Calling it a particularly dangerous situation, the national weather service reported, “Destructive tornadoes, large hail to 2.5 inches, thunderstorm wind gusts to 70 miles per hour and dangerous lightening are possible.”

“I can’t confirm any damage right there yet – we’re just trying to concentrate on the more populated areas and we’ve been inundated with calls,” Major Chuck Adams, the sheriff department spokesman said.

Officials in Clark County, Indiana were scrambling to deal with widespread damage from the storm after roads were blocked by fallen trees and debris and power and phone lines were knocked out.

However, a dangerous deadly series of twisters were badly hit the town of Harrisburg, Illinois Wednesday, killing at least six people and injuring more than 100 who trapped in rubble with injuries, houses destroyed, trees ripped from the ground and power lines cut.

Disclosing tornadoes report, Major Adams told reporters, “The high school in Henryville suffered “quite a bit of damage” but luckily all the children are evacuated safely and only minor injuries – some cuts and scrapes.”

As per weather analyst, this time, the tornados seem to have come a bit early, usually March through May, as compared to the deadliest tornado season. 2011 tornadoes which were killed 545 people, is the third worst on record.

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