Debate on Lokpal Bill will start at 11am in Parliament today

Today, in the battle of Lokpal, The social activist Anna Hazare will begin his three-day fast at 11 am at the MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai to press for passing a strong Lokpal Bill.

The entire television screen and the other arrangement have been organized at the MMRDA Grounds.

Now today, a show of arguments will be started between UPA government and Team Anna. From a report, the initial discussion to take up Lokpal Bill for debate will be in Parliament.

The UPA government has minority in Rajya Sabha, but numbers of member in the Lok Sabha. So it will not be easy to passing the Bill in the Rajya Sabha.

However at last minute the government is making a bid to reach out to the Opposition, admitting it doesn’t have the two third majorities it needs to move for a constitutional amendment granting constitutional status to the Lokpal. But it’s the several amendments which both the BJP and the Left plan to move, which could stall easy passage of the Bill.

Beside it, The opposition BJP party plans to move many amendments out of 37 total, including enabling a provision for setting up state Lokayukts and also the reservation for minorities in selection panel for the Lokpal as they feels it is against federal structure.

Along with UPA , RJD chief Lalu Prasad and SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav are also opposition in favour of separating PM and CBI wing from the Lokpal.
The amendments will move ahead after dispute begins for Lokpal in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

The chances of not passing the bill on both houses are more; the main reason is of having minority of UPA in the Rajya Sabha that fits into govt. strategy.

If there will be no result bring out from both houses , one passes it and other rejects then a joint session needs to be called to decide and it can be delay for the passage of the bill.

Meanwhile, so many arguments are made against the govt. whether is it actually wants to passing the Lokpal Bill or it will seems Lokpal a threat for MPs.

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