Prez polls: PA Sangma wants debate with Pranabh Mukherjee before polls

As a challengers, Tribal leader P A Sangma is ready to face Presidential polling contest with Finance Minister Pranabh Mukherjee and passing his first turn, he asked Mukherjee for debate just ahead of poll.

As per Sangma who has full back support of BJP, BJD and AIADMK, is in confidence with hopes on fair vote, told reporters, “Democracy means debate. I am asking for debate.”

In wake to correct mistakes the country has committed in its history, Snagama said, “tribals have not been given their due…I appeal to the consience of the nation. We have given our land, our forest, our natural resources…please recognize us,” reports suggested.

Wanted to have a debate to clear “Who is responsible for all this corruption…”, Snagama added that in a democracy people have the right to choose and at this time “It has to be a candidate to candidate debate”.

Mukherjee’s candidature, the UPA nominee has in issue from initial phase and there were many nominations come up, one of the former President AP J Abdul Kalam, but left the race, while Sangama is stand with him from starting.

Putting all major efforts, Snagama never wants to leave any opportunity that cause of left out him from Rashtrapati race. And for that he is trying to take all the other party members into his confidence.

Talking to media, he said he has sought appointments with Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee and Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray. “I am going to meet TMC chief in next few days,” he said.

“The election will be by a secret ballot. Secret ballot means conscience vote. I depend on conscience vote and I believe in conscience vote,” he further said.

The UPA led Congress to take Presidential election as calm as not reacting over it, but other parties are not doing that. They are very serious for it and showing their interest also. TMC chief Mamata Banerjee, a key ally of UPA is also not yet giving any statement in support of UPA candidate Mukherjee.

Meanwhile, going to reach out to every one in wake to get support of TMC, Tribal nominee’s chances to win the election may raise and UPA may face the worse defeat.

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