Anuj Bidve’s family demands emergency visa to bring back body

An application for emergency visa has been filled by the slain student Anuj Bidve’s family, who was, of 23 years old, shot dead in Manchester on Monday on Boxing Day, to bring his body back. He was a student of Microelectronics at Lancaster University.

His father and brother-in-law have been told by the Consulate General of India in Birmingham, to apply for emergency visa to expedite the process of repatriation of his body to India.

While talking to reporters, Rakesh Sonawane, Anuj’s brother-in-law said, “We have sought emergency visa and have been told that we are also required to be present in the United Kingdom to complete the procedures for handing over Anuj’s body.”

Anuj’s cousin Suruchi Wagh said, “Anuj’s father Subhash Bidve and I would go to Manchester once we get visa.”

An open letter has also revealed by the family to External Affairs Minister S M Krishna, urging him to help the family get Anuj’s body back to Pune expressing concern over the delay because of Christmas and New Year holidays in the UK.

While granting emergency visas, the External Affairs Ministry says that the govt. will bear the travel expenses and the coroner’s court in Manchester had been asked to speed up the process.

The government had also requested the university Anuj Bidve was enrolled in to return the tuition fees to the family and the authorities had agreed.

The police have arrested five persons who are connected in Anuj’s murder case.

By clarifying the whole incident the police said, “Bidve was visiting Manchester along with eight other friends during the Christmas break. When they walked from their hotel in Salford towards Manchester city centre, the two men were coming up to them. One of them took out a gun and shot Bidwe after a brief conversation.”

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