Anna Hazare demands strong Lokpal, writes letter to Prime Minister

After seeing that, there is no settlement between govt. and Anna’s team, Anna has written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and warned that whether govt. fails to pass a strong Lokpal Bill, then he will start his activist from 27th December in form of “indefinite fast.”

In fact, Anna’s demand is to pass the Bill up to 23rd December, the ongoing date of winter session ends.

But to see passing of so much time and govt. does not reach at any selective point, Anna wrote Four-page letter and in which he strongly expressed his criticism against the govt. decision to passing the Citizens’ Charter bill on December 13, which was decided by the parliament to set under the Lokpal during August revolution.

Anna Hazare, 74 years old, wrote in letter as, “You yourself have written to me assuring me of it… then why are you retracting from your own words… Now it is being said that this citizen charter bill will be sent to the Standing Committee which… it will take another four months. Don’t you think that people of this country are being cheated over and over again? This behaviour of the government is not right at all.”

In the letter Anna clearly expressed his doubts regarding Lokapl Bill acceptance in Parliament. He also reminds govt. to change its promise that made with Anna regarding Bill.

Anna added in his statement, “The government made several promises on Lokpal in the last one year but every time the people of this country was betrayed… Keeping faith in you, we suspended all our agitations till winter session… according to reports published in the media, the winter session will end on December 23… Will the Lokpal Bill be passed by then we have doubts on this.”

However there is 34 such issue on which Anna’s Team thinks that govt. give their acceptance, out of which CBI Inclusion, PM inclusion are one of them. Anna wrote in his letter that he has faith on PM at this time and he assured that he should really keep his promise to passing Lokpal Bill during winter session.

Expressing his faith, Anna said through a letter, “I have full faith that you will not disappoint the people this time and would fulfill your promise.”
Along this he also questioning about whether making CBI anti corruption wing the investigative agency of Lokpal is wrong?

“Does it mean that Lokpal will not have an investigative agency? Without an investigative agency what will it do? Then it is better that we don’t need a Lokpal,” said Hazare while reporting that CBI has been misused.

Meanwhile, main motive for the CBI wing is to set the CBI free from political control. So that police can do their work freely.

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