Veena Malik goes missing in Mumbai

In a very shocking news, the Pakistani model-turned-actress Veena Malik seems to have gone missing from Mumbai.

According to some of her close friends and known people, Veena Malik was last seen on the sets of her upcoming film, ‘Mumbai 135 km’, on Mumbai’s Aarey Milk Colony Road around 5.30am on Friday.

Though, nobody has complained to the police yet.

While talking to media, director of the film, Hemant Madhukar said, “Veena was shooting with us from 6pm to 6am for the last 15 days. From Thursday evening to the time she disappeared from the movie sets, Veena seemed distracted and upset.”

Around 5.30am, Veena was asked to go to her vanity van. Further, Madhukar said, “I told her we would call her once the shot was ready. When my assistant went to the van, she was not there.”

He told media, “The production team sent a car daily to pick up and drop Veena. On Friday morning, she didn’t use the car. “I know there was a car waiting for her for nearly three hours. Maybe she took the car but I am not sure.”

The Pakistani actress Veena Malik was in spotlight after a nude photoshoot for FHM magazine. However, Veena always refused participating in the shoot after a controversy broke out in Pakistan.

In the meantime, Veena sent Madhukar an SMS saying she was unwell. “I waz really not well I have a high fever for the last so many days n waz little upset coz of some personal reasons (sic),” the SMS read. Since then, Veena Malik’s mobile has been found switched off.

In addition, the filmmaker denied this was a publicity stunt. He said, “Initially, I did feel that way but I got a call from a cop from Aarey Milk Colony police station asking me about Veena.”

Now, there are gossips in the media that Veena Malik’s missing could be a stunt for a TV show she is doing. “There could be issues with her work permit in India,” said an actor who didn’t want to be identified.

Moreover, Veena Malik’s manager Prateik Mehta said, “We don’t need to do any stunt at all. I will file a police complaint very soon. I was waiting for her lawyer to return to India.”

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