BJP behind failure on Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha: Govt

The Government has failed to pass Lokpal in Rajya Sabha and today it blamed the BJP as the villain in Rajya Sabha’s failure on yesterday.

The govt. accused BJP of choreographing the fiasco but get side from blaming UPA constituent Trinamool Congress which had moved several amendments.

Rajya Sabha was adjourned for ending the high drama that was made, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal claiming that the government did not want the Lokpal Bill to become a “laughing stock”.

As per the report revealed, the bill could not be passed yesterday due to as many as 187 amendments proposed by various parties.

Claiming the wrong decision of BJP party, Bansal said that the BJP made the first mistake is being voting against the Constitutional amendment in the Lok Sabha to grant constitutional status to Lokpal and the second was to give a large number of amendments to the Lokpal Bill in the Rajya Sabha.

Bansal added in his report, “Opposition is not willing to play ball. They would much like the country to fail than government succeed. Their strategy is support Anna and defeat Lokpal Bill.”

On the other side the Trinamool Congress’ opposition demanded for appointment of Lokayuktas in the states and deleting the relevant clauses from the Lokpal Bill, he said a government amendment in the bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha on the issue. The government needed time to talk to the ally, he added.

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