Heavy Fog in New Delhi; 10-car pile-up on Noida Expressway

Driving a car in New Delhi has become very hard these days, and the reason behind is the heavy fog. Dense fog in the national capital forced four-wheelers to drive slowly; else accident would have been take place.

Due to poor visibility on road, more than 10-cars pile-up on the Noida Expressway in the wee hours here today.

The incident occurred close to sector 132 on Pari Chowk to Noida stretch when a truck hit a car around 4:30 AM. The statement was given to media by the police officials.

In addition, the badly damaged car and truck remained on the road.

Around 5 AM in the morning, when visibility became very low on the expressway, vehicle after vehicle collided with the truck.

Although some vehicle were taken away by their drivers, but yet more than nine badly damaged cars were on the expressway beside the truck.

By the time, when Police officials have reached the location and are clearing the damaged vehicles from the road besides diverting traffic from the stretch.

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