Army Chief V K Singh loses age battle in Supreme Court

Chief General V K Singh who has given his 38 years of service to the nation has lost his battle for age row when Supreme Court told Chief that they could understand his fact of pain but he should accept order of Government who would take the final decision over age battle.

General had filled petition in the SC against the govt. to recognize May 10, 1951 as his date of birth in official service records and not May 10, 1950.

But as per past record of General’s promotion in 2006 when he promoted to Lt. Gen rank, this post had been accepted by General on basis of May 10, 1950 as his DOB. And later on 2008, he had once again promoted as Army Commander.

Defining his act of accepting status position in Army in 2006, SC asked, “We can understand if a person who has been harassed and not achieved anything is before us. You have achieved the highest position you aspire for. Why should a person of your stature come to court?”

The Court said that all the confusion regarding age has been clear from the voluminous records. The fact is not related to correct the year of birth in ministry records, but it is of given up challenges in an undertaking to the government by General, a person who has in a high position of Army.

The bench of justices told General, “It is extremely unfortunate. We understand the pain in your heart about your date of birth not being corrected.
But ultimately you have left the decision in the hands of the authorities.”

The apex court has strictly said him not to have raised such issue again because he had accepted government’s decision to consider 1950 as year of birth in “organisational interest” by giving an undertaking in January 2008.

Calling General a “meritorious” officer, the court said, “It is victory for both sides as the matter has been resolved gracefully and amicably.”

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