GE joins hand with Nueclear HealthCare to launch 120 molecular imaging centers

GE Nuclear HealthCare 300x216 GE joins hand with Nueclear HealthCare to launch 120 molecular imaging centersIn 2010 the American Cancer Society reported that the total economic impact of premature death and disability from cancer worldwide was $895 billion in 2008.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death of so many people. Cancer can be treated and controlled if detected early – in Stage I or Stage II and if people are having awareness and availability of early cancer detection facilities.

Now ,because of having rapid growth in the number of cancer patient in India, GE Healthcare and Nueclear Healthcare Ltd (NHL) have entering into a partnership with Thyrocare Technologies establish a network of 120 molecular imaging centers to address the rapid growth of cancer incidence in India.

According to collected data report, there are around 2.5 million cancer patients, 1 million added every year with a chance of rising five-fold by 2025 prompting Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) urging the Government of India to make cancer a notifiable disease.

The president & CEO, GE Healthcare India, Terri Bresenham said, “We are at work to create a healthier India. This strategic partnership with Thyrocare Technologies is a game changer and will help us increase the access to high quality cancer detection at smaller towns and villages by leaps and bounds.”

“Our vision is to provide early cancer detection and treatment facilities in every small town in India, keeping in tradition with the innovative service facilities Thyrocare has been offering to households over the past 10 years. We are pleased to join hands with GE Healthcare provide this solid answer to cancer”, Dr. A Velumani, founder & managing director of Nueclear Healthcare Ltd (NHL) Mumbai, told Media.

Although, the whole network of 120 molecular imaging centers was established in 2015 in 3 phases, and then covered with 120 advanced GE Discovery PET/CT imaging systems and 12 GE PET Trace Medical Cyclotrons that will help to early and non stop detection.

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