AMRI Hospital Fire: 9 arrested, Investigation on its high

Along with 7 officials, the number of being arrested is now increased and it would be 9.

On Tuesday, there are two more senior officials of the AMRI Hospital in Kolkata has been taken under 10 days police custody over the fire tragedy in which 93 lives far away and many of them bodies are not found till now.

Beside all this, for the accused officials, Ashok Mukherjee, the Defense Counsel, said, “Our argument is that the persons who were produced in court are not directly responsible for this unfortunate accident or incident. And the penal code sections which have been charged against them are not applicable in any manner.”

Although on the opposite side “They are directly involved in the situation, this much I can say in this regard”, this was said by Public Prosecutor Shakti Bhattacharya.

In all this issue, fire department had also under not clearing the substances from the hospital’s basement although the order to remove the all hazardous substances from the hospital’s basement, had issued by govt. to Sanjeev Pal, the maintenance manager of AMRI Hospital, by October.

Now actual work of investigators is started and they find that the hospital had been delayed for calling the fire brigades and reporting to the police which would result of 93 people perished.

Actually Investigators are on searching the people who were presented in that place at the time of fire stroke and being an eye witness for all such tragedy. With the help of them they can find out the clues and charging the tight case against culpable homicide which would result the strong punishment for criminals.

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