Anna Hazare’s fast under shadow, Rs 2 lakh per day for venue

As per the latest India news, the anti-corruption supporter Anna Hazare has now needs to review his schedule to start hunger strike as planned on December 27 in Mumbai.

The central government of the country has decided to extend this session of Parliament for 3 more days, as to make clear campaign on Lokpal Bill.

Anna Hazare’s team has told media that Anna is still waiting for the Lokpal Bill to appear in the Parliament.

On the other hand, Anna’s health is also a worrying issue and the place given to the team for hunger strike is quite costly, Rs 2 lakh per day. Thus, they has appealed the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Prithviraj Chavan, to intervene.

In their letter to the Chief Minister, Team Anna urges, “If exemption in huge costs at MMRDA is not possible, it is our request that adequate arrangements be made at Azad Maidan to enable citizens to join the protest of AnnaJi from 27th Dec. We believe that 50,000 to 100,000 visitors will want to visit every day.”

Further talking to media, MMRDA’s Deputy Metropolitan Commissioner, Anil Wankhede said, “We cannot reduce the rates. We don’t have any authority. Rules are rules.”

He said, “Either they take it, or leave.”

Parliament Winter Session extended for Lokpal Bill

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