Kolkata Hospital Fire: FIR registered against six doctors

The FIR is to be charged on the six directors of the AMRI hospital in south Kolkata, against their negligence regarding hospital safety after a fire broke out in hospital.

According to source around 90 people are to be dead and many are to be injured in it. But only 21 are to be identified. However, Govt. hospital always known for their lack of responsibility and duty, but It is in first time that govt. hospital’s ignorance deals to a big deathful incident.

Today, All the directors of AMRI hospital are coming to court for showing their evidence.

Mamta Banerjee, West Bengal Chief Minister also ordered to cancel the license of hospital. And Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced an ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh to the next of kin of the deceased.

However on Friday, there was big rush of families and relatives on the hospitals. The families of the trapped patients waited outside and after few hours their fears was confirmed when they identified someone out of dead bodies.

The injured patients were shifted to the SSKM hospital .However, relatives of the dead were angry at the delays and the provision.

While body of his son was handed in front of a father after postmortem, he shouted angrily, “Why my son had to be cut into pieces. I know he is dead… I don’t want to know why he is dead. Why could they not spare my child the pain of post mortem?”

Some accused the hospital staff of being “inhuman”.

There is no special arrangement for fire services and if there is then hospital staff does not upgrade it.

Regarding this Damayanti Sen, the city’s joint commissioner said, “in the month of July, the fire service department held an inspection at the hospital and found fire safety mechanism inadequate. They instructed the hospital authorities to upgrade the mechanism and especially instructed them to clear the basement.”

Meanwhile Banerjee declared that the owners would be arrested and strict actions should be taken against them but the angry relatives and family members demanded to be hanged the culprit for killing their loved ones.

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